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NSE Authorised Data

We offer NSE, MCX* - Authorized data to help you arrive at informed decisions

NSE Realtime Data

We provide real time tick by tick stock data with unlimited scan of scripts

Easy Navigation

Navigation is made easy from other windows to our application

Zero Downtime

We assure zero down time so that you will always be connected to the markets to make timely decisions

Stop Shooting in the Dark

Take Control of your Analysis

Big players have a strategy and they stick to it all the time. To lay a good strategy, you need precise data at the right moment. We being the best rt data provider for Amibroker and Ninjatrader help you to make sensible and timely decisions. The application lets users research, analyses and strategize and make decisions and work your way up.

Just install your data plugin and be care-free. Our nse real time data feed is uploaded at the immediate disposal of stock exchange.

The more informed you are, the better you get at making decisions

Our user friendly software enable you understand the market trend with ease. Foresee the market and build a plan based on the data. The software alerts you based on the real time data about the perks in the market which would otherwise fall into one’s blind eyes.

Unlimited symbols exploration

We offer unlimited scan or exploration of scrips with only limit on live subscriptions

Fastest nse realtime data

Get the fastest stock quotes and stay ahead in making decisions

Uninterruption NSE live data

Harness the power of live data feed without any hindrance

Our Integrations

Product Highlights

Here’s the glimpse of our product before you go for the subscription, we make it our mission to make your trading experience a lot enjoyable and absolutely stress free with our powerful plugin and data subscription!

Ultrafast Plugin

Harness the power of our Robust and Ultra-fast plugin software for real-time, I-EOD and EOD market data for NSE, MCX*. Our lightening fast servers delivery accurate market data with low latency.

Cutting Edge Technology

Build with the latest technology available, our software delivers the required data with low latency and bandwidth, and in the most cost effective way.

Incremental Data Download

In order to reduce the bandwidth and downloading time, we download Real time and history data incrementally. Surf through 100s of symbols hassle free.

Pick up where you left off

We detect where you left off while surfing the nse realtime data and continue to fill the gap automatically during a platform restart. Save time and enjoy the stress free trading experience.

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Realtime OHLC and EOD data for different intervals
from 1 tick to 1 month