Plans And Pricing

Play smarter in the market by leveraging the power of all the advanced and sophisticated trading tools available in TA Software by plugging it to our data feed. Enjoy the best experience of seamless data analysis through our subscription plan.

Sign Up for any package and get 7 calendar days of FREE trial (No payments required until you contented with data)
Note: Days mentioned are all calendar days not trading days


15 Symbols / Segment
Tick – Current + 2 Days
1 Min Bar – 1 Month
Day Bar – 15+ Years
₹ 1099
per month


50 Symbols / Segment
Tick – Current + 4 Days
1 Min Bar – 2 Months
Day Bar – 15+ Years
₹ 1299
per month


200 Symbols / Segment
Tick – Current + 7 Days
1 Min Bar – 3 Months
Day Bar – 15+ Years
₹ 1699
per month


300 Symbols / Segment
Tick – Current + 10 Days
1 Min Bar – 4 Months
Day Bar – 15+ Years
₹ 1999
per month
*Price shown is exclusive of applicable tax
For add-on symbols and segments please contact support

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Why choose our product?

Our smooth user experience, easy to integrate plugin and zero downtime data streaming makes our product the obvious choice for a wide range of users from Amateurs to Industry Experts

NSE, MCX* Authorized real time data

Get NSE real time stock updates tick by tick and OHLC data of 1 minute (I-EOD) for months and 1 day (EOD) for years

On the go analysis

Following trends has never been easy. We let you do your research anywhere anytime. Track the market trends without delays.

User friendly integration

Easy to integrate TA software plugin that traces down the drifts in market at your convenience with real time updates.

No windows swapping

A single TA software window that does the job! There is absolutely no swapping between windows. Just configure, start trading and let our plugin take care of the rest.